Meet Clyde…

I don’t know what I was expecting

i expected cute noises

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twitter 落書き

(If you don’t know who Chie is and haven’t read saezutte's summaries of the light novels, then I insist you do right now!)

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My anaconda don’t want none


because it ate last month and snakes don’t need to be fed very often since they use external environmental heat sources to regulate their body temperature and can therefore survive on far fewer calories than warm-blooded animals

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seduce me w/ video game soundtracks

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The Art Of Nausicaa ジ・アート・シリーズ 1984 (Japanese Edition)

Ive been collecting the Japanese Ghibli Art of book series lately as a lot of them haven’t been published in English language yet. The art of books have amazing pictures of character designs, concept, cel and background production art and the editions available in english have great information in them too :D Above are a few scans i took from The Art Of Nausicaa which has illustrations on almost every one of the 191 pages.

Updating my Ghibli Collection

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Anonymous asked:
where did this thing with bowie come from?


fact 1: Mark Gatiss found out David Bowie is obsessed with the show. He thinks this is “pretty fucking cool”

fact 2: David Bowie does not wear heteronormative goggles

fact 3: David Bowie knows

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i’m sorry but what is the point of releasing this as a promotional stillimage

if not to show you before you even watch the episode that both these men do not find the wedding they are attending ideal?

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Anonymous asked:
Hi :3, Do you ship johnlock? Because that would be totally awesome
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"Mycroft, I have somebody and having somebody is not as bad as we thought and i’m really worried about you because you are alone."  —Sherlock in the Empty Hearse, basically

"Also my somebody is gone now because I did stupid things but he’s still my somebody and even if it hurts it doesn’t mean I regret the fact of having had a somebody and will tell you not to get one ever" aka character development

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